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Saturday, April 01, 2006


Thanks for the watch you bought for my birthday... i know you'll somehow read this post.. i just would like to say i appreciate everything u have done so far, especially ur feelings for me... thanks again and take care... (",)

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Help me to improve myself..

Lazy to blog... u know me..
maybe u guys and gals can help me know what kind of person i'm in front of u pple.. tks..

Monday, February 13, 2006

My Mission Statement

I guess its time to write the first draft of my mission statement in life...

Mission statement:

1) To serve the people.

2) To work with the people.

3) To lead the people.

I have only managed to do a bit of each and i know i still got much to learn... give me some more time... maybe months or years.. but i will try to improve myself in these areas...

Monday, January 02, 2006

Few pieces of thoughts..

There is one thing that i found out rather true recently.. - Free advice
These free advice regarding investing, business or even other finance habits could be dangerous if u happen to follow them without probing through the consequences. Free advices could be from anyone, ur friends, ur family, ur colleagues, the so called financial experts on Tv, ur financial planner, yes, anyone...

Now, why do i say free advices are dangerous if u follow them blindly? Most of these people who offered their negative ideas about investing or some other business ventures basically have never tried them before, and there're merely repeating what he/she heard from what the others had said. Even if they do keep an eye in the stock market, they're probably doing what their stock broker/insiders had advised them to and what was that? yes, its the " save, buy, diversify, hold, invest for the long term and pray " mantra...The problem with this advice is that one moment the market can be rising and the next moment you'll be losing your pants...This could also happen in the real estate world too and not to mention your business venture if you've one...

On the other hand, pple who might have promising business ideas or on other investment vehicles may ended up being demoralised and theirs dreams shattered due to the information fed by his/her friends, family and closed ones etc... However, i'm sure most people will think this field i'm probing into now is much debatable...

I would suggest seeking professional advice in these areas and doing homework on your part too... Research on the particular investment tool u're about to use and do cost- profit analysis on it before u literally jump into it. "Professional" help could sometimes turn out disastrous, so look out for the actual professionals before u listen to them entirely...Even if u're required to pay a sum of fees, its worth it...

and... good luck to whoever is reading this now...

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


F.I.N.A.N.C.I.A.L E.D.U.C.A.T.I.O.N -- That's what led me to reading up books on finance, econs, business and the like all these while, and that's also what led me into spending $338 on a boardgame call "CASHFLOW 101" recently.

Yes, u might be calling me a idiot(feel free to do so),u might think i'm just being a big dreamer, and u might also happened to think that "a game is only a game", "this game is not the same with the reality", "this is such a complicated game", " how can this expensive game help me at all?" etc...

Yes,i do agree with u this game is only a game, and this game is indeed not totally reflecting the real world... But this boardgame can only remained as a game if u do not learn from it, and do not look upon the game scenarios as what are or might be happening in the actual world.

No,this boardgame is not complicated because YOU're already in the game already although unknowingly.

WHY? Because this game is about your financial knowledge, and how u deal with ur money. What do u buy using ur own money when ur monthly paycheck comes, is it assets or liabilities that u bought? Or is it some doodads that caused u to simply spend ur money on but will never bring u back any cashflow? How u deal with ur financial situation when u're downsized? How you thought of buying this beautiful and cool condo because it may serve as a rental purpose and brings in a neat little sum of cashflow per month but instead you ended up buying a liability which sucks ur money from u every month? How you thought that u may sweep up a pretty sum from buying stocks/shares as it looks rather safe, stable and has been on the rise for many years, but suddenly a global financial downturn came and hit the stock market very badly and u're the one who is swept along with it, with all ur invested money of cause.

I understand u're still sceptical about what i've just said, but that's entirely up to u on how u think about this game and about this real world... If u still wanted to say " i'm perfectly content with what i've now", " Money is not the main thing in my life", " why do i have to learn or know this? i'm not an econs or business student." Then i wished u luck, most sincere from my heart... i just wished that u're prepared when any economic downturns hit us badly in future. No, i'm not being a pessimist, i just wish i'm wrong about any stock market crash or global depression scenarios in the near future...

But i'm glad about one thing, at least i took the initiative to prepare myself, with or without the negative global econ impact, and i'm also prepared to spend money, effort, time and whatever it takes to build up my financial education, because i know its going to worth the trouble....

How about u?